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One of the revelations of the year 2014, when released the EP ‘End Of Times’…

One of the revelations of the year 2014, when released the EP ‘End Of Times’, Brazilian X-EMPIRE spent the last two years promoting the work and working hard on their new work, the awai…

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Description When 24-year-old Penelope learns of a new miracle drug that could c…

Description When 24-year-old Penelope learns of a new miracle drug that could cure her ailing mother, it’s the answer to her prayers. Until she sees the cost. But for every door that closes, a window opens. In this case, the window calls herself Cimil, and she’s quite possibly the most insane person Penelope’s ever met. Could it be because this complete stranger just offered Penelope one million dollars to carry her wealthy brother’s baby?

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How to get free Chick-fil-A today – Chick-fil-A is giving away tons of free food…

How to get free Chick-fil-A today – Chick-fil-A is giving away tons of free food Tuesday for its annual “Cow Appreciation Day.” The fried-chicken chain is offering a free entrée — which includes chicken sandwiches, chicken nuggets, and more — to anyone dressed in “cow attire,” which can include a full costume or simply a cow-themed accessory like a handbag. The promotion applies to breakfast, lunch, and dinner items for adults from the time that Chick-fil-A's restaurants open to 7 p.m.  Children in cow-inspired attire will be given a free kid's meal. The event is Chick-fil-A's biggest promotion of the year. The chain gave away nearly 1.6 million free entrée to cow-dressed customers last year, according to the company. This is the 13th year in a row that Chick-fil-A has run the promotion. It was previously held on Fridays, but demand was so overwhelming that the company decided to move it to a less busy day, and now holds the event annually on Tuesdays. Customers can find out more about “Cow Appreciation Day” on the company's website . SEE ALSO: 13 food and retail chains taking over America Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Scott Galloway explains exactly why Amazon would buy Whole Foods (when he predicted it last month)

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So what if we were to say that, starting this year, even with our children in K…

So what if we were to say that, starting this year, even with our children in K– 5, at least half of the time they spend on schoolwork must be on stuff that can’t end up in a folder we put away? That the reason they’re doing their schoolwork isn’t just for a grade or for it to be pinned up in the hallway? It should be because their work is something they create on their own, or with others, that has real value in the real world.

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#How #Google injects #speed into the #mobile #web ? How Google injects speed in…

#How #Google injects #speed into the #mobile #web ? How Google injects speed into the mobile web source A technology called progressive web apps is making websites less pokey on your phone. It’s proving its worth with Twitter and Lancome. Google has tried for years to rehabilitate the web on your phone — and it now has evidence it says shows the effort is paying off. When you’re on your phone tapping that link in Facebook to a news story or opening the browser to look up movie times can be a wince-inducing process. Even on a fast network with a high-end phone the web today can be painfully slow and hard to use. A key part of fixing that is a programming movement called progressive web apps or PWAs that Google helped develop and that it’s now promoting at its Google I/O developer conference. With PWAs using the web can be a lot more like using a native app. Websites load fast work even when there’s no network connection and notify you when a message arrives. One big example: the new Twitter Lite website that arrived for mobile devices in April. People use it 50 percent more than the earlier version and when they do they view 60 percent more pages Google says. The new website loads 30 percent faster and people ditch it 10 percent less. It’s an important development for easier access to the internet. The web controlled by no single company weakens barriers between different territories in the tech world. Whether you’re on Microsoft’s Windows computers or Apple’s Macs or Google’s Android phones you still browse the internet. But if the web sucks it can’t lift us above those divisions. The web helps open the door to new areas in computing — virtual reality augmented reality cars smart TVs voice-operated speakers with video screens like Amazon’s new Echo Show. The web levels the playing field making it easier for new innovators to gain a foothold. And if you want to switch from a Mac to a Windows PC or vice-versa the web smooths your way. Google’s “progressive” approach Don’t expect to dump your native apps for progressive web apps. But do expect them to spread. “The modern mobile web has gone mainstream” said Rahul Roy-Chowdhury the Google vice president leading Chrome browser work at Google. Roy-Chowdhury unveiled new progressive web app plans at Google I/O on Wednesday. At the show he’s announcing three steps to try to make PWAs work better. Google’s Workbox developer tool is designed to help programmers build PWAs and its Lighthouse service to test those apps is now built directly into Chrome itself. Lastly Google has finished Polymer 2.0 a collection of code that developers can use for a related technology called web components. Twitter loves PWAs Twitter is a big progressive web app fan. If you visit mobile.twitter.com with your phone you can try it for yourself. With a compact 400 kilobyte download size Twitter Lite is just 2.5 percent the size of the Android app Twitter said. That’s an important consideration for people using slow networks or paying by the byte. It’s also easier on phone batteries than the native version according to the company. It also fires up quickly — several seconds faster than the native app once you’ve created a home screen icon for it. They’re easier to install too since all you do is open the web site. It installs its full abilities automatically in the background as you use it. Chrome and Firefox have built in the foundations for progressive web app technology. Microsoft is building it into its Edge browser — and into Windows 10 and the Windows Store moves that should help encourage programmers to embrace PWAs. Illustrating the openness advantages of the web Microsoft will add PWAs to the Windows Store even without developers having to submit them. Apple lags Among major browser makers Apple is a step behind. That means the full PWA experience isn’t an option today on iPhones in particular because Apple requires other browsers like Chrome and Firefox to use Apple’s own browser foundation on its iOS-powered devices. But even on iOS app developers are taking what steps they can toward progressive web apps. French perfumier Lancome needed a better e-commerce system for mobile devices and pondered writing a native app but decided on PWA instead since it expected few people to bother with downloading installing and launching a sales app. Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment. The result according to Google was 53 percent more people using the mobile website on iOS. On all mobile devices people were 17 percent more likely to take an action like actually buying something according to Google’s stats. You might not have a particular passion for Lancome’s profitability. But everybody likes technology that responds quickly. So chances are good that even if you don’t know how somebody’s app was built you’ll like PWAs as much as Lancome.

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NYX Round Case Lipstick Lip Cream 639 Eucalyptus by NYX. $3.95. NEW IN MFG PACKA…

NYX Round Case Lipstick Lip Cream 639 Eucalyptus by NYX. $3.95. NEW IN MFG PACKAGING; 0.14 OZ (4.0G). NYX Round Lipstick is our classic lipstick for all-year round. The mineral-based emollient formula offers a beautiful velvet texture, saturated color and it resists wear and smudging. It's your go-to lipstick. From Pure Nude to Pink Lyric to Chic Red, Round Lipstick is available in a jaw-dropping 144 shades.

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With summer burning your lips, and winter drying them out, it seems like you rea…

With summer burning your lips, and winter drying them out, it seems like you really just can't win. Rest assured, affordable lip care is out there! In fact, the options are endless. If you're on the hunt for the best product to provide moisturizing relief, look no further. Here's an all-inclusive list on the best drugstore lip balms on the market right now – and they're all under $10!  What’s your favorite lip balm? I’d love to hear! Let me know in the comments below!

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