Amazon Prime Day signaled a huge change in how Americans shop (AMZN) – Americans are on the cusp of a radical shift in how they shop. On Tuesday, the Echo Dot, Amazon's voice-controlled speaker that's powered by artificial intelligence, took the crown as the best-selling item on Amazon's Prime Day .  And on Wednesday, communication firm Walker Sands published a report that revealed just how much the Echo and other voice-controlled devices could revolutionizing shopping. According to Walker Sand's 2017 Future of Retail Study, 19% of American shoppers have made a purchase using their voice through an Amazon Echo or other voice-controlled device in the past year.  Right now, most people who own an Echo don't use it for shopping . The device's most common uses include setting timers, playing music, and reading the news. However, that may be changing — 33% of shoppers said they planned to shop using an Echo or a similar device in the next year, on top of the 19% who have already done so.  And, as seen by Prime Day purchases, people are increasingly intrigued by the voice-controlled AI devices. While roughly a quarter of shoppers own a voice-controlled device, an additional 20% said in late March — when the Walker Sands survey was conducted — that they planned to purchase one in the next year.  SEE ALSO: This year's Prime Day beat Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be the biggest day in Amazon's history Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: MORE STORE CLOSINGS: Sears is closing 43 more stores — see if yours is on the list

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